Release notes


- Redesign of controls in the map area (list of selected routes, information about transport, buttons, etc.)
- Block of information about the selected transport: added the final destination and the vehicle model; clicking on the colored block with the route number shows/hides the route on the map
- Search history: previously searched points will appear in the tooltips of the address input fields
- Icons for tooltips in the address input fields depending on the type (history, stops, addresses)


- Directional pointer on stop markers (optional)
- Updated the look of search results; added estimated travel time
- More appropriate font size for transport markers with multi-character route numbers


Mini "Smart Stop" on the main screen:
- Clicking on the vehicle mark highlights marker of this vehicle (if it is available on the map) and enables/disables following mode;
- Mini-filters similar to the enhanced version: by type of transport, low-floor availability, belonging to selected routes, presence of a potential delay on terminal stop;
Buttons for adding a stop to [Favorites], hiding the row of filter buttons, changing the color palette of transport marks in the list (according to the type of transport or according to the order of route selection) and switching to the enhanced version of "Smart Stop".


Improvements of the "Smart Stop" function:
- Increased accuracy of expected arrival time calculations
- Filters by types of transport, low-floor availability, belonging to selected routes, presence of a potential delay on terminal stop
- Added display of transport that has not yet started moving from the final stop or is on its way to it (without taking into account the potential delay - mark [+])
- Mark [?] if the vehicle deviated from the route or did not transmit its location for a long time


- The direction indicator of the transport markers coincides with the direction of its movement along the route scheme. The direction obtained from the vehicle is still available as an arrow in the information area, which appears when you click on the marker
- Ability to change size of stop markers using the corresponding [Preferences] item
- Number of selected routes for each transport type in the route selection window and on the [Routes] screen


- Updated design (Android 5+). Previous design is available through [Preferences/Style]
- [Quick Filters] toggle button above the list of selected routes (if this button is enabled, highlighting one or more selected routes hides the transport of all others)
- Ability to set fixed colors for routes (new tab of the window [Route Information])
- Quickly select only one route by long-clicking on the check mark in the list
- Optimization of vehicle markers animation


- Additional marker heading pointer
- Automatically rotate the map when following selected vehicle
- Crosshair in the center of the map when following selected vehicle (points to the last received location)
- The button for quick routes selection [...] is fixed under the list of active routes
- Show request to switch location on if it is off when using "My Location" function
- Shortened and updated Tutorial


- The smoothest possible animation of transport (optional, enabled by default on devices with high-resolution screens)
- Scale ruler
- Ability to turn off POI (in map config)
- The order of start & end points of the route in the "smart stop" corresponds to the direction of the vehicle
- Some bugfixes, improved usability for city selection screen (for app CityBus, which includes all cities)


- Night mode (dark theme)


- City selection ability (for app CityBus, which includes all cities)
- Animation algorithm for smoother transitions on speed changes
- Ability to focus map on current location on app startup


- Quick filters (when selecting routes, only their transport remains)
- Markers coloring schemes (by routes or by transport type)
- Redone Preferences
- Selecting a marker changes its appearance and moves it on top of the rest
- Ability to show stops on main screen on map zoom
- Ability to skip sections in Tutorial
- Some sizes of text and elements on devices with large fonts
- Note for specific info about some routes


- A semi-transparent status bar on the main screen and the Stops screen
- Full-screen mode without controls (except navigation bar) on the main screen and the Stops screen
- Migration to a new search API by address because of the future disconnection of the old one
- Suggests in Search first show stops; search suggests by address on-demand due to API limitations
- Status "Routes update available"; update routes manually


- Optimization of the animation framerate of vehicle markers, that are outside of the visible part of a map (reduced CPU load)
- Marks about vehicles availability in route lists for each route
- Warning if no route is selected
- Tap on stop name on the "Smart Stop" screen opens a stops map
- Subscription screen changed; added subscription for 6 months
- Changes in vehicle's information block
- Preference to change threshold for filtering outdated data


- Smart Stop for all stops (experimental)
- Feedback
- Number of buses on active routes
- Remember last opened tab on routes screen and routes selection dialog
- Priority of vehicles markers for selected routes
- Moving map to the vehicle location at the start of tracking it
- Transparency of markers changes constantly
- Save map bearing changes
- Fixed "blue screen" (map center is in the middle of the ocean)
- Fixed markers heading on map rotation
- Fixed overlapping navigation bar by Tutorial


- Improved transport data (routes and stops)
- Customization of transport markers appearance by 4 parameters
- Map rotation with the ability to turn off in Preferences
- Old bugs fixed, new ones added :)


- Map type selection (default, satellite images, terrain), road traffic
- Ability to switch "Smart stop" view to transport list in Preferences (Grouping in Smart stop)
- Highlighting of low-floor vehicles


- Fixed bug of not showing vehicles for routes having letter "a" in their name
- Ability to subscribe to disable ads
- Search for stops by name
- Support for Android 4.0.3-4.0.4 versions
- Improved displaying of marker direction
- Some improvements in algorithms of calculating real-time location of transport
- Option "Сhange zoom to fit route path on a screen" when selecting route in active route list
- Option "Automatically show paths on active routes change"


- Favorite stops on main screen, stops on route paths (optional)
- Changing order of favorites by dragging
- Ability to apply not all routes from favorites
- Long tap on "My Location" button on home screen activates "Stops nearby" screen
- Update data status-icon


- Updating routes through network
- Preference to keep screen on while app in foreground
- Database has been changed to a faster one, faster routes search
- Fixed time synchronization on devices with incorrectly configured time


- Mode to track selected vehicles (tap on vehicle marker → tap on info area for mode on/off)
- Quick access to basic features with "app shortcuts" - long tap on app icon calls menu (Android 7.1+ or launcher that supports this feature)
- Animation of dialogs and some elements at transitions between screens (Lollipop+)
- Some changes in animation of vehicle markers


- Stops / Smart stop / Favorite stops
- Ability to change frequency of animation in Preferences; by default, frequency is set to 30 fps instead of 60 (the lower the frequency, the lower the CPU load and battery consumption)
- Change language in Preferences
- Delay / advance in relation to schedule in vehicle's info
- Fixed "flying" vehicle markers


- List of routes with the possibility to view information about any route.
- Routes 17, 17a and 33 are fixed as circular, which is important in search.
- Indication of problems of GPS-data service instead of constantly popup messages.
- Fixed some bugs in transport markers movement.
- Favorites list design.


- New design and expanded functionality of routes search (quick access to search settings, ability to clear selected points, focusing on point, ability to set current location as selected point, displaying stops and search area on map zoom, renewed directions map for search results)
- If found less than 2 direct routes, results of additional search for routes with transfer will be shown
- Fixed problems on devices with incorrect time settings
- Bugs and memory leaks fixes


- Bugfixes
- Search by addresses (testing mode)
- Updated routes info window (map for forward and backward route with stops)
- Optimized network requests
- Window "about app"


- Tutorial on first open
- Button in active routes list for displaying routes selecting window
- Due to frequent failures of GPS-data service, added message about unsuccessful request


- Initial release of CityBus app